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For owners David and Mary, their quirky little cabin nestled amongst 124 acres of secluded bushland was their very own piece of paradise. Whilst they were reluctant to leave their family home, the promise of permanent full time work for David on the mainland was too good to pass up.

It was time to sell their cosy, yet cramped cottage and make the move to South Australia. However, despite the pristine bushland and breathtaking views, potential buyers struggled to look past the makeover the property so desperately needed.



The biggest sore point for Shaynna was the unusual kitchen layout and the quirks of the cupboards and draws. With this as her main focus, she had the hot water system relocated outside and repositioned the fridge in its place. She also had the broken wood fire oven removed and was able to add more cupboards in as a result.

Shaynna decided to keep the existing kitchen carcass and dress the doors with VJ panelling. This was a great way to add interest and tie in the other VJ panelling that was used throughout the house. The dated window shades were also updated with Luxaflex Beach Roman Blinds in a translucent fabric opacity and the existing tiles were replaced so that they made more of a statement.

Selling Houses Australia - Season 13, Episode 2, Kitchen

Selling Houses Australia - Season 13, Episode 2, Kitchen

In order to create consistency in such a tiny house, Shaynna applied a muted soft green paint to the walls and trims of the kitchen, living and dining room. She also replaced the existing burgundy wall in the Master bedroom with some VJ panelling, which she also painted the same muted green colour. Dark carpet was installed in the Master bedroom and stylish light fixtures were used throughout the house to help make the space feel cosier.

Selling Houses Australia - Season 13, Episode 2, Master Bedroom

Selling Houses Australia - Season 13, Episode 2, Master Bedroom - alternate view

Shaynna also included Luxaflex Beach Roman blinds in the Master bedroom, this time opting for a blockout fabric opacity. These shades proved to be the perfect choice as they complimented the style of the house and offered a means of light and privacy control.

Selling Houses Australia - Season 13, Episode 2, Living Room

Selling Houses Australia - Season 13, Episode 2, Hallway


With a very limited budget, Charlie and the team did their best to keep the cost down by doing most of the work themselves. Charlie first had the old concrete on the veranda resurfaced and replaced the original metal poles with some new timber pillars. He then went on to add in some new timber steps and a paved area off the front veranda. This helped to bridge the gap between the house and the outdoor entertaining area, which felt quite disconnected from each other.

Selling Houses Australia - Season 13, Episode 2, House Exterior

Charlie was quite pleased with the clever choices Mary had made in her garden and opted to take her lead on the types of plants he used whilst remodelling the backyard. By including the same variety of hardy plants, the newly landscaped area didn't appear to be an afterthought, but instead a cohesive space that was so nicely connected to the rest of the exterior.

Selling Houses Australia - Season 13, Episode 2, House Exterior

With the help of the team, Charlie updated the BBQ area by upcycling and re purposing the furniture and bits of timber he could find around the property. This proved to be a great way to maintain the rustic charm of the estate whilst keeping within the budget. A Corten Steel balustrade was also installed as a means of framing the entertaining area without obstructing the gorgeous view of the land.

The verdict

In just a few weeks David and Mary received two offers at the full asking price of $550,000. However, just before the celebrations began, they had an unexpected reversal of fortune and David's job offer fell through in South Australia, forcing them to rethink the mainland move and the sale.


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